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Reviewing the Instructional Media Design Package (DI-SESS-81520B)

The Instructional Media Design Package (IMDP) provides the design documentation for the development and production of DL Courseware. The IMDP can be tailored for each product as the requirements do not apply to every program or program phase. Specific review criteria and description of each requirement is provided in MIL-PRF-29612B download but this page will provide you with examples of what to look for as part of the evaluation of the IMDP. The IMDP checklist and job aid is provided for your assistance.

It is the responsibility of the requesting activity and of the TADLP IPT to review the IMDP carefully and request clarification or changes if the document does not provide the proper demonstration of the government's requirements.

The example below shows the requirements listed in the checklist and a paragraph found in the IMDP that addresses those requirements. You can provide a checklist to the contractor and require the IMDP be answered in the same format and numbering scheme to make review easier.

worked example
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This next example provides a demonstration of the contractor understanding of level 3 with the lesson flow diagram: Level 3 example
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There are several places in the IMDP where levels of interactivity should be demonstrated. This next example details the contractor's plan to reach level 3 in the practical exercise discussed in the section on Methods of Instruction: Practical Exercise Level 3 example
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If you have any questions or concerns when reviewing the IMDP, please contact your IPT.

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