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Guides and Job Aids

These instructional guides and job aids are provided to assist training developers with design and development decisions.


Copyright & Intellectual Property

DL and

Distributed Learning (DL) Design Best Practices for Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

More about DL and PII.

Matrix of Instructional Strategies

PDF FormatDownload Matrix of Instructional Strategies (PDF)

Levels of Interactivity

Levels of Learning

Authoring Tools

Authoring Systems and Productivity Tools

Job Aids

Tasks Analysis



DL Design and SCORM

Content Chunking

PDF FormatContent Chunking Job Aid (PDF)

Article :: “What is your Chunking Strategy?” in the May 2011 issue of the DL STAR (PDF) for more information about Content Chunking.

File Size Samples

The link provides samples of audio, video, and graphics file sizes that are intended to serve as guidance in the development of IMI products.
File Size Samples

IMI and Audiovisual Templates

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