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Distributed Learning Program Management Review

The next Distributed Learning Program Management Review PMR is tentatively scheduled for August, 2018.

The PMR is open to Government employees and is by invitation only.

The point of contact for PMRs is the TADLP Strategic Plans & Policies Office. The Strategic Plans & Policies Office may be contacted by phone at 757-878-5940 or by email.

ALMS (Army Learning Management System) Assistance

May 2017

The Army Training Help Desk (ATHD) is the primary source for help with distributed learning (DL) courseware.

The ATHD can be reached by the web and phone.
ATHD web site (AKO Log in is required):

ATHD Phone Number:

Please note, if you leave a message on the ATHD voice mail, and *if* you have “Anonymous Call Block” on your phone, you will need to de-activate this feature so that your call can be returned. Please also leave your AKO email address.

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