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TCM Mobile Charter


By my authority as TRADOC Commanding General, I hereby appoint Lieutenant Colonel Joseph A. Harris as the TRADOC Capability Manager (TCM) for Mobile Learning

TCM Mobile, representing the Commanding General (CG), TRADOC, and reporting to the Combined Arms Center, will perform as the Army's centralized planner, manager, and integrator for mobile learning initiatives and activities. Assisted by and in coordination with appropriate force modernization and branch proponents, capability and materiel developers, testers, and other Army commands and staff, TCM Mobile's primary focus includes mobile learning policy, wireless infrastructure, mobile device recommendations, and mobile content issues across the Army.

TCM Mobile performs responsibilites and tasks outlined in TRADOC Regulation (TR) 71-12, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command Capability Management, and TR 71-20, Concept Development, Capabilities Determination, and Capabilities Integration. TCM Mobile assesses mobile required capabilities and manages and integrates related deliverables across doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel, facilities, and policy areas. TCM Mobile supports the development, validation, and life-cycle maintenance of mobile learning content, the development and certification of mobile learning applications, and the development and sustainment of the wireless infrastructure in support of Army learning. In accordance with Army Regulation 602-2, Human Systems Integration in the System Acquisition Process, TCM Mobile ensures Human Systems Integration is considered as early as possible in the requirements determination process and will be embedded in requirements documents. TCM Mobile also ensures recommended solutions are integrated with the cognitive, physical, and social components of the human dimension in compliance with TRADOC Pamphlet 525-3-7, The U.S. Army Human Domain Concept.

TCM Mobile, by means of this charter, is hereby delegated the full-line authority of the CG, TRADOC for the centralized management and integration of above mobile enablers. This appointment will remain in effect as long as the TCM Mobile is assigned, unless responsibilites are modified or the TRADOC CG terminates the position.

David G. Perkins
General, U.S. Army

Last Reviewed: 2/18/2016 10:13:21 AM