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TRADOC App Gateway (TAG) App

The TAG App

The TAG App is the 'bridge' that enables Soldiers to access, retrieve and download official US Army apps and e2books. Basically, the TAG App is the 'app that allows you to download other Army apps'.

The TAG App can be downloaded upon your first visit to the TAG with your mobile device.

When you first visit the TAG at URL using your mobile device's browser, you will be required to login using your AKO credentials username and password.

The TAG is located at

Once you have entered the TAG, you will see a blue DOWNLOAD button for downloading the TAG App to your mobile device.

After installing the TAG App you will then be able to login to the TAG App and download other US Army apps.

TAG App installed on Android device
TAG App installed on Android device.

The TAG App also includes Categories, Search, Updates and Settings features.

Step-by-Step instructions for downloading the TAG App:

Android devices
Apple iOS devices.
Windows devices (not yet available).

Learn more about the TAG and the TAG App

View the Introduction to the TRADOC App Gateway video.

TRADOC App Gateway (TAG) and TAG App video screen shot
TRADOC App Gateway (TAG) and TAG App video. (Click on the image for view the video.)
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