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TRADOC App Gateway (TAG)

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The TRADOC Application Gateway (TAG) was stood up as a capability to link, host and track mobile apps.

The TAG is located at


The current capabilities of the TAG allow developers to either submit their application and/or digital publication to be either hosted or linked to the respective app store (Google Play, Apple Store, and MS Store). In addition, the TAG provides users with the same “store” functionality provided in their commercial counterparts (screen shots, a product description, version number, e-mail contacts, etc...). An evaluative system has also been created which allows TAG users to provide feedback, both by a star system, as well as narrative input.

TRADOC App Gateway screenshot
TRADOC App Gateway (TAG) Homepage 1QFY16 Click on image for full size view.


The TAG is built w/ single-Sign-On credentials (same as AKO), so a user must access via CAC or AKO User ID/Password. Only mobile applications considered unclassified/publicly accessible are linked/hosted through the TAG at this current time. The apps are available for download onto personal devices. In the future, capabilities will be phased in which allow FOU/Classified apps to be submitted.

App Hosting and publishing:

In order to build and deploy a mApp, there must be a concise development and publishing process. TRADOC leverages DA policies and guidance for releasing content, much like web-based content or PAO guidance. Additionally, we adhere to copyright guidance for digital products (pictures, images), accuracy of the data through proponent, and review for OPSEC.

CoEs and schools will be able to develop Apps in one of three ways:

  1. Proponent developed.
  2. TCM Mobile team developed.
  3. TCM TADLP centralized contracted process (estimated to be available at the end of the 1st Quarter FY 16).

Learn more about the TAG:

View the Introduction to the TRADOC App Gateway video.

TRADOC App Gateway (TAG) and TAG App video screen shot
TRADOC App Gateway (TAG) and TAG App video. (Click on the image to view the video.)
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