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ADDIE Process Model

We apply the principles of adult learning and the five phases of the Instructional Systems Design (ISD) model; analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation (ADDIE) throughout the lifecycle of an app.

Analysis Phase

Need Determined
  • Content/Data Reviewed #1
  • Nomination Process
  • Nomination Board

The analysis phase is used to determine if:
a. The mobile product is proponent appropriate and technically feasible.
b. It is legal.
c. It replaces, reinforces, or supplements learning content.
d. It meets a priority requirement and
e. Resources are available and approved.

Design Phase

Translate topic lists into learning objectives.
Design assessment and evaluation plan.
Determine required technical guidelines.
Develop final storyboards.

The design phase may include:
a. Instructional media design package (IMDP)
b. Content chunking design
c. Considerations for mobile design
d. Assessments in IMI
e. Storyboarding.

Development Phase

Convert outputs from design phase into finished apps.
Develop app IAW storyboard requirements.
Security controls.
Data Classification.

The development phase’s major steps and responsibilites are:
a. Coding.
b. Alpha testing.
c. Beta testing.
d. Vetting.
e. Approval board.

Implementation Phase

Implement by restriction.
Choose hosting platform.

The implementation phase will determine which hosting platform(s) will store the app for delivery:
a. Google Play Store.
b. Apple App Store.
c. Windows Store.
d. TRADOC App Gateway (TAG).
e. DISA Mobile Apps Store (MAS).

Evaluation Phase

Continuous evaluation.
Validate training objectives.
Assure IA and legal requirements.
Perform vulnerability assurance.

Although depicted last in the ADDIE process, evaluation is a continuous process that consists of data collection and analysis to determine the effectiveness and value of an app.
a. Sustain Mobile apps.
b. Conduct periodic reviews.
c. Revise outdated apps.
d. Maintain code.
e. Patch and resubmit code.

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