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Stand-alone CD–ROM/DVD Version with Distributable Plug–Ins


The stand-alone CD–ROM/DVD version of content is intended for learners without an internet connection, or without sufficient bandwidth, who must play the content off line.

Course materials played using plug–ins on a CD-ROM/DVD shall operate independently of an internet connection without the learner having to modify system configurations.

The CD-ROM/DVD delivery version shall be equivalent in course structure and content but without SCORM communication with an on-line Learning Management System (LMS).


The configuration for the stand-alone CD-ROM/DVD is defined by the Baseline Home Computer Configuration.

Distributable Browser and Plug-In Licensing Information

The purpose of this page is to provide contractors with a list of license agreements supporting approved Browsers and Plug-Ins, for stand-alone personal/home computer use while engaging CD-ROM/DVD courseware.

This page also includes comments about each license agreement, which has been approved by the Judge Advocates General's (JAG) Office.

For more information about when a stand-alone CD-ROM/DVD version of DL content is required, see 'Use Cases for Accessing Distributed Learning Products' below.

Use Cases For Accessing Distributed Learning Products

Not all courseware specifies and/or produces a stand-alone version. There are four general cases for using distributed learning products:

  1. The learner is on a government computer with internet connectivity;
  2. The learner is on a government computer, but with no internet connectivity;
  3. The learner is at home and/or on a personal computer, with internet connectivity;
  4. The learner is at home and/or on a personal computer, without internet connectivity, using a CD-ROM/DVD – which is also called a personal stand-alone scenario.
Summary Table: Stand-Alone CD/DVD Use Cases
Use–Case # Internet Connectivity Government Computer Personal Computer
1 YesYes YesYes NoNo
2 NoNo YesYes NoNo
3 YesYes NoNo YesYes
4 (Stand-Alone) NoNo NoNo YesYes

Use Case 4 (Stand-Alone): Personal Computer, no internet connectivity

This page addresses use case 4, when the user is at home and/or using their personal computer, with a CD-ROM or DVD, in a stand-alone scenario, without internet connectivity.

When this use case applies, the user needs to be able to access the software needed to run the distributed learning product(s) on their CD-ROM/DVD.

Software browsers/plug-ins, self-contained within the CD-ROM/DVD, has specific, applicable licensing for downloading/use.

Checking for Plug-Ins

If the courseware meets the above criteria for use, the developer will include the necessary programming to check for the presence of any plug-ins that are required.

If a required plug-in is determined to be missing, a message prompt will display on the computer screen telling the user that they need to download the missing software.
An example message could read:


This course uses Adobe Reader, which is not on your computer.  This disk contains the software that is needed.  Please click here to install the needed plug-in.

If the required plug-in(s) are determined to be present, no message will be displayed.

Licensing Agreements for Distributable Plug-Ins

The table below shows the current browsers/plug-ins licensing terms and agreements that are also used and/or approved via the Army Golden Master Program for this use case.

Licensing Terms and Agreements for Browsers and Plug-ins
Vendor Plug-In Effective Date Licensing Term Comments


Explorer 7
pending When version is no longer distributed See Notes 1 & 3


Explorer 8
pending When version is no longer distributed See Notes 1 &3
Adobe Systems Inc. Flash & Shockwave Feb 2012 1 year from effective date See Notes 2 &3
Adobe Reader Feb 2012 1 year from effective date See Notes 2 &3
NGRAIN Corporation NGRAIN 2012 Indefinite See Notes 3 &4

Notes for Distributable Browsers/Plug-Ins

(IE, Flash and Shockwave with a license term of 1 year):  These licenses cover updates, patches, upgrades and revisions.  If you decide to use a different version from the ones listed above, you must notify this office when the IMDP is submitted for review.

Note 1:

In accordance with DoD 5500.7-R, publicly accessible DoD web sites shall not require or encourage users to choose any specific browser software.

Note 2:

The Adobe Reader distribution license agreement states the following:

“During the term of this Agreement, you will use commercially reasonable efforts to maintain a complete, clear, and accurate record of the number of copies of the Software you distribute during each calendar quarter in a manner sufficient for you to establish and demonstrate that you are in compliance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement”.

The Army Training Support Center (ATSC) will be responsible for maintaining this data.

Note 3:

Legal representative recommends that a general disclaimer be placed in course materials that are used by DoD or the Army of any particular software that does not constitute an endorsement of the same.  For the CD version, the disclaimer should read as follows:

“The appearance of this logo is for the sole purpose of identifying software used in this product.  It does not constitute an endorsement by the U.S. Army or DoD”.

This disclaimer could be printed or placed in a "read me" file on the CD.

For the web-based version, the disclaimer should read as follows:

“All hyperlinks to non-U.S. Government sites or services are provided solely for your convenience.  Use of such links on this website are not an endorsement of or warranty of the services provided by such sites, nor does the DoD exercise any responsibility over the content at such sites.”

Note 4:

The government can include the NGRAIN's Viewer on CDs for distribution to soldiers.  The NGRAIN Viewer v4.0 can be used to view courseware developed using the Knowledge Module.  The NGRAIN Viewer 4.0 viewer can only be used to play content that was developed using NGRAIN's Producer 4.0 software. If NGRAIN is used to produce new courseware, the NGRAIN Producer 4.0 software is to be used.

Adobe® Distributable License Agreement

Below is the distributable license agreement with Adobe® for Adobe® Flash® Player, Adobe Reader® Software, and Adobe Shockwave® Player:

Adobe Licensing ENU-Distributation Agreement (PDF)

The appearance of hyperlinks to other non-DOD web sites does not constitute endorsement by the U.S. Army Training Support Center of those web sites or the information, products or services contained therein. The U.S. Army Training Support Center does not exercise any editorial control over the information you may find at those locations. These links are provided consistent with the stated purpose of this web site.

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