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Army specifications and the requirements that content developers must meet for submitted distributed learning content to be accepted by the government is a broad topic. Distributed learning content can range from the relatively simple:

  • Short table presentations that are intended to be accessed by a mobile device and used in the field as reference information for setting up equipment.
  • Electronic instructions for using a map reading tool with a printed map, and a Job Aid to carry along for sustainment.
  • A video that presents the correct set up of an antennae device in the field.
  • Electronic instructions that provide an immersive exercise where the learner must use creative thinking and apply behavioral analysis skills to win the favor of local townspeople.

The design and delivery of the content described above will be quite different for each; they were presented to illustrate that the Army must create compliance and acceptance specifications based on the configuration and computing environment of the end user/learner. In general, web based content is the most common distributed learning content and is a part of most progress tracking, credit producing distributed learning product.

Acceptance Criteria

ALMS Policy

Army Activities shall perform these steps for CW to be fielded on the Army Learning Management System (ALMS).

Letter of Instruction (LOI)

Requesting Activities are responsible for providing information for a Letter of Instruction (LOI) prior to fielding.

Section 508

All electronic information must be 508 compliant.

Data Item Descriptions (DIDs)

Department of Defense Instructions

Links to various DoDIs relavant to Distributed Learning.

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