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Data Item Descriptions (DIDs)

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DIDs are published by the DoD Defense Standardization Program Office and are also available for download using the External LinkDoD Quick Search tool..

Data Item Descriptions (DIDs)
DID Number Description Approval Date
DI-SESS-81517C Training Situation Document 2013-05-24  
DI-SESS-81518C Instructional Performance Requirements Document 2013-12-17  
DI-SESS-81519C Instructional Media Requirements Document 2013-05-24  
DI-SESS-81520B Instructional Media Design Package 2001-08-30 2016-03-31
DI-SESS-81521B Training Program Structure Document 2001-08-30 2016-03-31
DI-PSSS-81522C Course Conduct Information Package 2014-11-20  
DI-PSSS-81523C Training Conduct Support Document 2014-11-20  
DI-PSSS-81524C Training Evaluation Document 2014-11-20  
DI-SESS-81525B Test Package 2014-07-15  
DI-SESS-81526C Instructional Media Package 2014-07-15  
DI-PSSS-81527C Training Support System Document 2014-11-20  
DI-MGMT-80596 Government Furnished Information Deficiency Report 1988-05-19  
DI-MGMT-80004A Management Plan 2006-10-30  
DI-PSSS-80569A Objectives and Media Analysis Report(OMAR) 2014-07-19  
DI-MGMT-80368A Status Report 2006-10-30  
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