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Governance Policy & Procedures

Distributed Learning (DL) Governance policy identifies the structure, participants, processes, roles, responsibilities, and measures of effectiveness to allow efficient and effective management of the DL Program across the Army.

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Army DL Publications
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PUBNO Title Issue Date Status
Department of Defense Publications      
DODI 1322.26 Development and Management, Delivery of Distributed Learning (USD(P&R)) 16 JUN 2006 Under Revision
MIL-PRF-29612B Performance Specification-
Training Data Products
31 AUG 2001  
Army Publications      
AR 350-1 Army Training and Leader Development 04 AUG 2011 Rapid Action Revision (RAR)
TRADOC Publications      
TR 350-70 Army Learning Policy and Systems 6 DEC 2011  
TP 350-70-12 Distributed Learning - Managing Courseware Production and Implementation 13 MAY 2013  
Policies & ALARACTs      
CW Validation, Packaging & Testing Policy for the ALMS Distributed Learning (DL) Courseware (CW) Validation, SCORM Packaging, Review, and Function Testing Policy for the Army Learning Management System (ALMS) 4 APR 14  
Copyright Guidance Guidance Concerning Works Protected By Copyright 24 OCT 13  
Gaming Policy for the Development of Gaming Products for Distributed Learning 14 MAR 12  
CAPDL COR MOU MOU for use of the U.S. Army Training Support Center (ATSC) managed CAPDL Contract for the TCM TADLP 06 MAR 2012  
CAPDL PII MOU Use of DD Form 2830, General Talent Release for PII in Products Developed under the CAPDL Contract    
ALARACT_231 Army Distributed Learning (DL) Governance; The Army Learning Management System and Guidance for DL Migration Waiver Process JUL 2010  
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