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Letter of Instruction (LOI)

A letter of instruction is used as the first launchable piece of content in a course and functions as a READ ME file. The LOI provides basic course design information as well as information about accessing the course on the delivery platform. The proponent completes the LOI and submits it to TCM TADLP after the content has passed functional testing and is ready for fielding.

The proponent completes the LOI with specific information about the course (title, expected time to complete the course, etc) including any “KNOWN ISSUES” that were identified as non-critical issues during function testing.

Since the LOI contains the “basics”, it will be required for every course on the ALMS.

The contractor should not be required to complete the LOI as this is a government function related to fielding of the content. The LOI is completed upon launch in the LMS and there are no plans to create a version to track that it has actually been viewed.

Sample Letter of Instruction

Please download the sample LOI for more information.

Example LOI (DOC)

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