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Enterprise Lifelong Learning Centers (ELLC)

Enterprise Lifelong Learning Centers (ELLC) can be used to support various learning scenarios supporting instructor-to-learner and learner-to learner collaboration and interaction.

The Enterprise Lifelong Learning Center (ELLC) has provided a development server for use by courseware developers to structure and test their content during development and prior to final fielding.

Prior to moving course content to the production server, use the development servers to:

  • Create course content.
  • Test course content.
  • Perform validation and acceptance testing.

To ensure that the developers are adequately familiar with navigating in the ELLC Blackboard environment and to provide developers with some best practices for using Blackboard, all users who need to perform tasks in the system as an Instructor are required to take the Blackboard Basics Instructor Training Course which is taught by the ATSC LLC Blackboard Support Team.

For additional information regarding the training, please contact the contact the Army Training Help Desk at 1-800-275-2872 (option 2).

Last Reviewed: 1/27/2016 3:40:28 PM