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Army Learning Content and Management Capability (ALCMC)

Delivery Platforms

Distributed Learning (DL) content delivery platforms are part of the the Army Learning Content and Management Capability (ALCMC). The ALCMC provides a suite of capabilities that integrate training and education support capabilities to enhance training and education.

The ALCMC provides the following functions:

  • Proponent Support Staff / Faculty Training User Support
  • Content Delivery
  • Course / Content Development
  • Collaboration
  • Resource Management
  • Student Management

ALCMC Components

Army Learning Content Management Capability (ALCMC) has three components.

  1. The Army Learning Management System (ALMS) hosts the majority of Army DL and is primarily asynchronous.
  2. The Enterprise Lifelong Learning Centers (ELLC) content management system supports DL courses that are proponent specific, asynchronous and synchronous (instructor in the loop).
  3. The Joint Knowledge Online (JKO LMS) delivers asynchronous DL instruction used by more than one Service; Army DL of a Joint nature is hosted here.

ALCMC Waivers

Army Regulation 350-1, Army Training and Leader Development, specifies use of ALCMC systems to deliver all Army DL.

In cases where no ALCMC system is suitable, schools and proponents may seek a waiver to use a non-ALCMC DL delivery system. Contact the Capabilities Team for ALCMC waiver assistance.

ALCMC Capabilities

ALCMC capabilities are managed by the Capabilities Team.


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