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Construct the CAPDL Performance Work statement

NOTE: The CAPDL PWS sample for FY 15 is approved for release as of October 1st, 2014.

Your requirements are extremely important in the development of the Performance Work Statement. Be sure to plan for all the steps of the ADDIE process to ensure we have a complete set of requirements for the contractor to follow. If you need additional help or information, contact the TADLP team.

There are two broad categories for requirements, common and unique.

What is common?

There are many sections of the performance work statement that are common for all Requesting Activities (RA).

These common sections are indicated in black text on the Sample PWS.

If you have exceptions to any of these sections and need to modify them to fit your requirements, please contact your IPT.

Instructions are indicated using red text.

What are your unique requirements?

For most Requesting Activities (RAs), the Sample PWS will provide a comprehensive starting point for construction of your organization's work statement.

The blue text indicates choice text for Background, Scope, Target Audience, and SME qualifications. Choice text is indicated using italicized blue text in [square brackets]. Choose from the list provided or enter your own requirement.

Your specific requirements will be entered by your IPT from the information you provide.

In addition to requirement statements for developing your product you will find Requirement 4: Train the Government Developer. This training provides the government developer with information to assist in understanding the source files that are part of the final deliverable (file structure, naming convention, etc). Train the Government Developer training may only be ordered by proponents with in-house development teams. The technical IPT member will contact you about specific development tool requirements to ensure the contractor uses software compatible with the software your in-house team uses.

Finally, Doctrinal Correctness is your statement about the subject matter expertise you need the contractor to provide for this task order. Remember, this should be defined in terms of the minimally acceptable skills, knowledge, or abilities.

Using the sample provided, complete your requirements with as much specificity as you can. Your IPT will contact you for additional information if needed or consult with you on modifications if needed.

How to Use the Sample PWS

Sample PWS Text Legend

BLACK = Common Text

RED = Instruction Text

[BLUE] = Choice

1. Download

Download and save a copy of the Sample PWS and review the contents.

The Sample PWS and the CAPDL Ordering Guide are available in the 'CAPDL Samples' section of this page.

A .zip file of all documents is also available for download.

The sample PWS contains paragraphs that are common to all CAPDL work statements indicated in black text. A final determination for inclusion of all these paragraphs will be made by the TADLP Integrated Product Team (IPT).

2. Add

Add your specific requirements for your product. Also include your requirements for Train the Government Developer and Doctrinal Correctness.

Your job is to provide specific requirements for your distributed learning product.

Once you have identified all the requirements, you can complete the work statement. Send the completed requirements to your assigned IPT. There are additional guidance documents to help you in writing those requirements.

Remember, even though the end result of the contract is a delivered courseware product, CAPDL is a SERVICES contract. Each section of the proponent requirements is a TASK that the contractor must perform in order to deliver your product. Please keep within this format as evaluating proposals will be much easier.

The PWS sample provides suggested text for each type of task. You may use these samples or write your own.

3. Submit

Submit your work.

Your IPT will receive your work statement and help you begin the process of editing and finalizing the request.

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