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In order to determine the distributed learning (DL) content requirements from the Total Force, the organizations below comprise the formal nomination and prioritization process. This process does not preclude Soldiers, Leaders, or Army Civilians from providing input.

All courseware nominations are carefully reviewed to make sure that the funding is best utilized to meet the Army’s needs. The following commands and agencies are intimately involved in deciding what DL training is required:

  • Joint Training
  • DA Headquarters and Staffs
  • Army Commands (ACOM)
  • Operational Forces
  • Reserve Components
  • School Proponents and Centers of Excellence (COE)

Based on guidance from the Department of the Army, all Distributed Learning courseware producing entities must receive approval from the TRADOC Capability Manager, The Army Distributed Learning Program (TADLP) Office. This commences the execution for attaining approval.

Before Nomination

There are several areas requiring proponent consideration before submitting a nomination for the development of new distributed learning content. Please visit the Before Nomination page for more information.

Analysis job Aid

Once the decision has been made to create a Distributed Learning product, please review the ADDIE Nomination Job Aid. This job aid is designed to assist in the up-front planning process for your content.


You can nominate your content using the TADLP Registration web site at:
AKO Log In Required

There are two handbooks available to assist in using the TADLP Registration web site.

One handbook is for individuals in the role of “User”, the other is for "Proponent Admins". Each role can access different functions within the site and will only see functions available to that role.

  • User– User is a base role. Users can create new nominations. They are also able to edit, submit, view, and cancel nominations they have created.
    PDF FormatUser Handbook
  • Proponent Admin–Proponent Admin is a limited administrative role. Proponent Admins have the same privileges as the User role in regards to nominations. Proponent Admins can also add users to the proponent school to which they belong.
    PDF Format Proponent Admin Handbook
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