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VBS2 ScreenshotAll Gaming requirements submitted for development as a DL product must be forwarded to TCM-Gaming who will determine if the Army's Enterprise Level of Gaming Tools can be used for the development of the DL product. Products that do not require development using the Enterprise Level of Gaming Tools will be issued a waiver to be submitted through the Office of the TCM TADLP.

Please download the “Policy for the development of Gaming Products for Distributed Learning” (PDF) to read the full policy.

Games for Training

Games For Training (GFT) is a suite of training software applications installed on PC-based, networked, multiplayer environments using Commercial and Government Off-the Shelf gaming technology. GFT enables the Army to leverage and influence gaming technologies in order to rapidly deliver relevant training capabilities to support current and future Soldier, leader, and collective training and mission rehearsal. To read more about Games For Training please visit the MilGaming Portal located at AKO Log in Required

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