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Requirements & Responsibilities

There are several areas requiring proponent consideration before submitting a nomination for the development of new distributed learning content.


Memorandum of Understanding - Contracting Officer Representative

All Army requiring activities (RAs) that wish to utilize the Combined Arms Products Distributed Learning Contract (CAPDL) must complete the attached CAPDL COR Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) by following all applicable policies and procedures specified in the MOU.

The focus of this memorandum is to ensure the effective oversight of contract requirements when contract support cannot be directly monitored by a TCM TADLP/CAPDL Contracting Officer Representative located at Fort Eustis, VA.

Memorandum of Understanding - Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in Products Developed Under the CAPDL Contract

This memorandum provides the policy for PII use in products developed under the CAPDL contract. This written permission must be provided to the TADLP for inclusion in the contract file.

Government Furnished Information (GFI)

The CAPDL contract requires the compilation of GFI resources before the completion of a Performance Work Statement for new content. GFI will need to be complete, current, and readily accessible before a contract is awarded.

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Migration Of DL Content and Courseware

DL content and courseware has been delivered on a variety of learning management systems, portals, and other virtual environments. In July 2010, an all Army activities message was sent to TRADOC centers and schools advising them of a requirement to migrate all such content to the Army Learning Content and Management Capability for delivery.

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Responsibilities & Roles

Contract Officer Representatives

TADLP Contracting Officer Representative (COR) – The TADLP COR is the primary COR for all awarded task orders. The Contracting Officer (KO) has certified eight CORs from the TADLP Content Acquisition and Management Office to function as the primary eyes and ears representing him in daily interaction with the CAPDL contractors and other stakeholders. The TADLP-CORs will complete ALL functions normally associated with the role of COR to include:

  1. All coordination with the MICC, MCO-Eustis contracting officer KO.
  2. Registration in Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) to complete all invoice processing and error/issue resolution, as required.
  3. Registration as a Trusted Agent (TA) in the Contractor Verification System (CVS) to facilitate all Common Access Card (CAC) processing for the contractor.
  4. Maintain all records and documents required for the COR contract file electronically by using the Online COR Management System Tool.

Alternate Contracting Officer Representative (ACOR)

Alternate Contracting Officer Representative (ACOR) – Assist the TADLP COR from the proponent locations to ensure proper contract management and oversight by fulfilling the following functions and those functions as outlined in their COR appointment letter:

  1. Provide doctrinal guidance to the Contractor on the requirements as set forth in the TO.
  2. Review deliverables and provide accurate, documented, and timely information to the TADLP/CORs.
  3. Review and validate the Contractor Monthly Status Report (MSR) with information on performance and progress against the QASP.
  4. Notify the TADLP/CORs immediately if it appears the contractor is changing the scope of the contract or delivery schedules.
  5. Direct all questions, comments, requests for additional information on contract content, deliverables, etc., to the TADLP-CORs who will coordinate with the KO.
  6. Conduct inspections and accept supplies or services specified for this task order
  7. Promptly reject, in writing, all work that does not comply with the TO Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP) requirements and report this and all discrepancies to the KO ‘via the TADLP-CORs’
  8. Notify the TADLP/CORs of any contractor's change of status (i.e., termination, retirement, contract expiration).

Integrated Product Team (IPT)

IPTs are comprised primarily of individuals in the role of Contracting Officer Representative, Technical, Instructional Systems Specialist (ISS), Subject Matter Expert (SME), and Alternate Contracting Officer Representative (ACOR). IPTs stay with the product throughout the content development process.

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