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Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation(ADDIE) Questions Job Aid

The purpose of this Job Aid is to capture adequate up-front planning using the ADDIE model.

You may view the ADDIE questions job aid below or
download the ADDIE job aid. (Word .DOC)

  • Have you conducted a needs analysis?
  • Have you conducted a task (or topic) analysis, if applicable?
  • Have you conducted an outcomes analysis?
  • Is this training used to:
    • acquire basic knowledge (Level 1 “passive” learning);
    • comprehend knowledge (Level 2 “limited participation”);
    • apply knowledge (Level 3 “complex participation”);
    • create/synthesize knowledge (Level 4 “real-time participation”)
    • For more information, download Levels of Interactivty (Word .DOC).
  • What will the learner know or do as a result of this product?
  • Have you conducted a target audience analysis?
  • Who is your audience?
  • What is the experience level of the product user: beginner, intermediate, or advanced?
  • Student throughput: how many students will be taught within each fiscal year?
  • Do you need to consider Section 508 (disabilities)?
  • If applicable, when will students register to use this product?
  • Do you have a milestone plan (scheduled target dates along the way to user registration or a class registration date)?
  • Will the content need to be updated frequently?
  • When will this product need to be updated?
  • Is this mandatory training?
  • Does this training lead to certification?
  • If applicable, how will credit be given for completion of courseware?
  • Do you have an evaluation plan?
  • Do you have all of yourGFI? If you do not have GFI, what do you plan on doing?
  • Does your GFI obey copyright laws?
  • Is this a part or piece of a course or lesson, such as a video clip, assessment, analysis or app?
  • Will a .pdf (text only option of content) be available to the learner?
  • What is your instructional strategy? For more information, see
    Matrix of Instructional Strategies.
    PDF icon
  • Are you teaching facts, concepts, processes, procedures or rules?
  • Is this a stand-alone course (or learning product) that is self-paced, self-contained, no instructor required?
  • Is this part of a blended course (part time online and part time in a classroom)?
  • Will an instructor-in-the-loop be needed?
  • Will a virtual tutor be built into the system for scaffolding?
  • If applicable, how much time is estimated for the courseware, lesson, module or unit?
  • What is your validation plan?
  • How do you see the pre/post test to be included in the IMI, if applicable?
  • How will you gain user feedback? Is it built into the product or IMI?
  • Do you have rubrics that need to be incorporated into assessment of objectives?
  • Can/should the learner have access to this product from their home?
  • Will this be used in the field/mobile device?
  • Does this product reside on a specific delivery platform? (Blackboard, SABA, Atlas Pro…)
  • Who at the school will: answer instructional design questions; instructional strategy questions; IT questions?
  • Do you need learner support tools for self-paced learning? (Glossary, links, resources)
  • Do you have unique graphics or video clips that need to be incorporated into the product?
  • What authoring tool will you use or need to use?
  • Is SCORM required?
  • Do you have any unique GUI requirements?
  • Are basic meta-tagging protocols in place (title, school, task/topic, MOS, etc.) as seen in TDC?
  • Will online collaboration be available to the student?
  • What social/informal online learning be available to the student?
  • Will you use a group validation?
  • Do you have a validation test group selected?
  • Did your validation plan achieve its goals?
  • What is your course evaluation plan?
  • What is your student assessment plan?
  • How will you test the student to make sure they learned/demonstrated the objective?
  • What kinds of checks-on-learning will be used, if applicable?
  • What rubrics will be used, if applicable?
  • Will the learner be able to access the learning product(s) before a test?
  • What is your course evaluation plan?
  • Do you offer a pre-test?
  • Do you offer a post-test?
  • Will the post-test require specific questions for certification purposes?
  • How will you use feedback to change/update content?
  • Is a survey (for feedback) available online?  (ARI can set one up with you.)
  • How will you use feedback to improve this course or product?
  • How will you make MINOR content adjustments due to user feedback?

Army Learning Model (ALM) Considerations

  • Can this course or product be used for review or self-development (providing reach-back capability)?
  • Are you aware of chunking strategies, if applicable?
  • To be ALM compliant, products need to be meta-tagged for easy search/retrieval by user.  What meta-data will you use to “tag” this item in TDC?
  • Be aware that this product needs to be registered with the Central Army Registry (CAR), located at
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