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ACCP Assistance

The Army Training Help Desk (ATHD) is the primary source for help with distributed learning (DL) courseware.

ATHD Online assistance:

ATHD Trouble Ticket Screenshot
  1. Go to the Army Training Help Desk (ATHD) at
    AKO Log In Required
  2. Select the tab "Submit a Trouble Ticket". You will need to log in with your AKO user name and password OR your CAC card to submit a trouble ticket.
  3. Select "Distributed Learning/ACCP" as the category
  4. Choose a sub-category from the drop down menu.

ATHD Phone Number and Hours

Army Training Help Desk LogoATHD Phone: 1-877-251-0730 option 5

ATHD Phone Options and Hours Visit:
ATHD Help Desk Contact Page

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