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TNET Equipment Configuration and Available Options

 TNET Video SystemTNET Video System and TSS Reach Deployable Classroom

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TNET System

  • Multi-communications connectivity
    • IP
    • ISDN
    • DSN
    • Commercial
  • Full motion two-way video, audio, and graphics: Provides:
    • 30 frames per second
    • up to T1 connectivity
    • Computer connectivity capability
  • Can send/receive/bridge training to/from:
    • Other TNETs
    • DLS Digital Training Facilities (DTFs)
    • Classroom XXI classrooms
    • Deployable classrooms
    • Other DoD, Federal/state agencies, and universities


TSS Reach Deployable Classroom

  • Satellite IP based system
    • Provides voice, video, and data connectivity anytime/anywhere
    • Global coverage via auto-pointing satellite dish
    • Quickly deployable/operational
    • Operational CONUS or OCONUS
    • Multi-communications capability (IP, ISDN, DSN, Commercial)
    • Standards-based video conferencing
    • DSN voice service
    • Video collaborative tools
    • Voice gateway supports up to 12 analog phones
  • Infrastructure for independent wired/wireless LAN with/without WAN access
  • Laptop computers
    • Loaded with TSS Reach web-based collaboration software which offers:
      • Access to a wide community of Army training and operational expertise
      • Capability for increased, low-cost communications with the home station
      • Capability for communicating with family members
      • Can be sized to meet various requirements

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