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Video Teletraining (VTT) and Teletraining Network (TNET)
TNET Site Requirements

 Facility Requirements

TNET requires no studio, just a classroom or conference room with the following:

  1. Dependable electric power (two 110V, 15A circuits -preferably dedicated).
  2. An analog audio telephone located near the equipment.

Contact us if you have a room you would like to convert.

Comm. (757) 878-4725/4726 or
E-Mail at

 Site Coordinator
Each site requires a coordinator. The Network Control Center (NCC) personnel train coordinators to perform minor troubleshooting. Further assistance is available via telephone. Other duties may include securing and proctoring course materials and controlling the facility. This is usually not a full-time position.

Activities that transmit training must provide or arrange for the instructors. The NCC personnel train them to operate the equipment.

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