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Automated Instructional MAnagement System - PC-PC Automated Systems Approach to Training
Organization Chart

Mission. Manages the Army Training Information Management Program (ATIMP) IAW Army Regulation (AR) 25-1, The Army Information Resource Management Program, and DOD Directive 8320, DOD Data Administration. Provides Army training information management integration mapping for data standardization, configuration management, data interfaces, executive software, and life cycle management (LCM) of automated systems such as: Standard Army Training System (SATS) , Automated Systems Approach to Training (ASAT) , Automated Instructional Management System-Redesign (AIMS-PC) , Program of Instruction Management Module (POIMM) , Reimer Digital Library (RDL) , and numerous other developing and fielded systems. Serves as the senior program manager for the overall integration and coordination of ATIMP. Serves as the Department of the Army (DA) executive agent for ATIMP and SATS, and as the functional proponent for AIMS-PC under the Sustaining Base Information Services (SBIS) project. Responsible for training, storage, replication, and distribution of software and other technical support.

Organization and Functions.

        a. Army Training Information Management Program/Standard Army Training System Team.

(1) Army Training Information Management Program (ATIMP).
(a) Serves as the TRADOC executive agent for ATIMP. Manages the ATIMP programs that interface and integrate with the DOD and other services and agencies IAW AR 25-1 and AR 25-3, Army Life Cycle Management of Information Systems.
(b) Provides data standardization and configuration management IAW DA Pamphlet (Pam) 25-6, Configuration Management for Automated Information Systems, data interfaces, development of executive software, LCM, and integration of all existing and developing training information systems, concepts, and initiatives.
(c) Develops and maintains the ATIMP Plan, ATIMP Objective Functional Architecture, related ARs and DA Pams, system interface agreements, memorandums of agreement, and LCM documentation.
(d) Serves as the Component Functional Data Administrator for Army Training.
(e) Provides guidance in the development and execution of TEXMIS, digital conversion projects, compact disk-read only memory (CD-ROM) development standards, Joint Exercise Management Package (JEMP) Subsystem Program Management, and Digital Publications Standards development effort.
(f) Chairs the TRADOC Digital Publishing Implementation Committee to migrate TRADOC produced doctrinal and training products to digital media suitable for electronic distribution and reduce dependence on paper media.

(2) Standard Army Training System (SATS).
(a) Serves as the Army executive agent for SATS.
(b) Provides for the development of SATS and the implementation of training management doctrine described in Field Manuals (FM) 25-100, Training the Force; 25-101, Battle Focused Training; and 100-5, Operations.
(c) Ensures sustainment of the current fielded version of SATS and the execution of project management functions for the planning, development, and fielding of future state-of-the-art versions of SATS to include Warfighter Training Support Packages (TSP).
(d) Ensures compliance with SATS functions as outlined in the AR-25 series.

        b. Automated Systems Approach to Training (ASAT) Team.

(1) Serves as Project Manager for the ASAT program, including the doctrine; combined arms training strategy; collective, individual, and management modules; and Warrior TSPs.
(2) Provides for the development, maintenance, training, and fielding of ASAT to support proponents, Armywide, and joint doctrine and training development requirements.
(3) Provides functional and technical integration of existing doctrine and training systems that support development, management, and support responsibilities IAW the ATIMP plan.
(4) Ensures compliance with ASAT functions as outlined in the AR-25 series.

        c. Automated Instructional Management System-Redesign (AIMS-PC) Team.

(1) Serves as the Project Manager for AIMS, POIMM, and TRADOC Automated Training Scheduling System.
(2) Provides automated information management tools supporting the installation training management process. This responsibility includes complete LCM and submission of funding requirements.
(3) Ensures the integration of existing training systems and development of future training information systems whose function is to support the installation training management responsibilities IAW the ATIMP Plan.
(4) Serves as the Army subject matter expert (SME) and identifies functional and technical requirements for training management/training support modules developed under the SBIS project.
(5) Coordinates subject area functional proponent requirements and oversees design, development, and fielding efforts as the Army proponent for AIMS-PC.

        d. Reimer Digital Library (RDL) Team.

(1) Develops, operates, and provides LCM for RDL IAW AR 25-3. Establishes strategy for the incremental development of RDL.
(2) Performs the fundamental library functions of acquisition, preservation, and dissemination of information in various forms in support of RDL.
(3) Develops and maintains a text search capability of user requirements for retrieval of information from RDL.
(4) Manages storage and distribution of information throughout the RDL architecture. Determines distributed RDL site architecture in coordination with the DCST's Distance Learning (DL) and Classroom XXI training initiatives.
(5) Manages the integration of RDL with other Army training information systems. Integrates RDL with Defense Advanced Research Projects Activity (DARPA) Distributed Digital Library System for Training Materials (DDLSTM).
(6) Conducts cost benefit analysis and cost projections for automation input to the ATSC PBMS; coordinates and develops responses to TRADOC DCST and Deputy Chief of Staff for Information Management (DCSIM) OPA data calls.

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