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Assessment Team

Strategic Readiness System (SRS)

An Army performance management system to ensure the Army stays focused on the Army long-range strategy.  By using a Strategic Map and Balanced Scorecard, at each level in the Army, the Army can measure its strategic objectives and strategic measurements to link SRS resources to the Army Campaign Plan and SRS Balanced Scorecards.   ATSC has responsibility to insure Training Support requirements are consistently and accurately reported in the SRS.

SRS Goals:

  • ATSC has the SRS TRADOC Strategic Objective under the TRADOC Strategic Map of P4a, P4b and P4c.  Provide Integrated Training Enablers for Training Support Architectures and Standards, Management Processes and Products and Services.  ATSC also supports HQDA reporting of major training enablers and programs.
  • P4 data is inputted monthly through the AKO SRS scorecards for an overall rating of either Green, Amber or Red based on target percentages of funding vs. total validated requirements.
  • ATSC will coordinate measurement linkage of SRS P4 data with CAC, TRADOC Staffs, HQDA G-3, Schools, TSS MP, TSS Pam and ATSC internal staff.

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