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Training Support-Materiel Armywide Tracking System (TS-MATS)

"One Army, One Requirement, One MATS"

TS-MATS Mission Need and Description from the System Security Assurance Agreement (SSAA)

TS-MATS is the WEB application conversion of the DOS based, stand alone, Materiel Armywide Tracking Systems (MATS I and II legacy IT systems).  The TS-MATS directly supports the USATSC mission as Headquarters Department of the Army (HQDA) executive agent responsible for Armywide Training Aids, Devices, Simulations, and Simulators (TADSS).  The system has multi-roles for all trainers, managers, and maintainers.  Information access and capabilities is based on the "need to know" of each user role.  The TS-MATS is the only IT system in the Army to collect and maintain inventory, maintenance, usage, and workload information for all Armywide and TRADOC TADSS.  This single source, single collection method is critical in managing all aspects of TADSS life cycle management, maintenance, and defining requirement for the army training needs.

TS-MATS integrates an ordered sequence of functions that achieve a defined end-to-end training process.  The core TS-MATS function assists Units (customer) to perform training planning and preparation functions that conform to written and approved training strategies for weapons and weapon systems by helping Active Army, the Army National Guard, and U.S. Army Reserve Commanders to identify their TSC support requirements for all types of training exercises.  Commanders will typically use TS-MATS to assess the means of executing training exercises by considering training parameters that include master training device list (current capability), training device capabilities (planned enhancement), time available (current capability); their unit's unique training needs (current capability); and balance their unit's training requirements with resource guidance and resource authorizations.  

At its core, TS-MATS helps users figure out how they can fulfill their requirements for essential training tools to conduct training in institutions, at homestation, and while deployed.  These training tools include training instrumentation components, tactical engagement simulations, target components, OPFOR equipment, and miscellaneous training/learning aids managed and issued by the Training Support Centers (TSC) Army-wide.  TS-MATS provides templates for unit-training requirements so that Commanders can understand and organize the training tools they need to execute their mission training plans and understand what is available to reach their training objectives.  The information produced serving this primary function enable several secondary and ancillary uses.

Information flows from the customer to their servicing TSC, then TS-MATS modules can support TSC issue and turn-in operations, and automatically collects information that supports device inventory management.  TS-MATS produces information that enable TSCs to:

  •  Manage their training support activities and prioritize their resources.
  •  Assess demand (actual) vs. their available training support capability to determine their mission readiness and gaps.
  •  Monitor TSC training device fabrication operations.

Ancillary use - Aggregate TS-MATS information flows from the servicing TSCs to support higher level training operations that:

  • Develop plans to obtain training support items.
  • Manage production of training items by TSC commercial industrial shops.
  • Assist DA MDEP managers to formulate training requirements and support funding requests.
  • Other TS-MATS information users include installation management agency regional managers, installation management agency HQ, MACOMs, Army-wide managers (TADSS materiel developers, life cycle managers).
  • Influence Army training resource and policy decisions.

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    Fort Eustis, VA. 23604-5166
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