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Training Support System (TSS)
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Mission: The TCM-ATIS is the centralized manager - chartered, staffed, and organized to integrate, synchronize, and facilitate effective and efficient use of Army training information systems.

ATIS Construct

ATIS Construct: The Army Training Information System enterprise effectively integrates and synchronizes systems that enable training development, training delivery, and training management capabilities


Vision: Provide relevant, persistent, and pervasive Training Support Enterprise Information Capabilities that enable Army training anytime, anywhere.


Organization and Functions.


Development Division.

  • Integrates doctrine and training applications
  • Facilitates enterprise search, discovery and delivery capabilities
  • Manages ATIS & ATIA requirements and functional/technical architectures
  • Plans, acquires, develops, and implements GOTS applications
  • Manages ATIS and ATIA requirements
  • Provides commanders and trainers a common integrated and training support base
  • Identifies new technology and designs systems to improve the ATIS capability to process, store, and distribute training information.
  • Serves as the technical interface with Materiel Developer in support of ATIS applications, legacy systems, and the development of future training information systems.
  • Develops, sustains, and provides technical training documentation and tools to support the ATIS user community.
  • Serves as an Army subject matter expert (SME) for training information systems.
  • Serves as Functional Manager, providing end-user support and training of ATIS and related products.
  • Supports ATIS testing to ensure the software meets the end-user requirements.

Delivery Division.

  • Provides service and support for Army-wide collaboration tools
  • Manages video teletraining network for digital delivery of training products
  • Hosts Army Learning Management Capability (e.g., Blackboard, Saba, AtlasPro, etc.)
  • Hosts and distributes digital training courses, products, and literature
  • Plans, acquires, and implements COTS infrastructure

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