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Training Media Support Team

Manages the production, distribution, and inventory of training products Armywide.

grnbll.gif (898 bytes) Armywide Doctrinal and Training Literature Program (ADTLP) - Serves as the
   TRADOC Departmental Publications Print Manager.

     green arrow (887 bytes)    Implements TRADOC Publishing Strategy.
     green arrow (887 bytes)    Maintains the TRADOC ADTLP schedules.   
     green arrow (887 bytes)    Administers TRADOC ADTLP initial print and reprint program.
     green arrow (887 bytes)    Maintains working copies of ADTLP publications.
     green arrow (887 bytes)    Provides support for TRADOC ADTLP compact disc initiatives.

grnbll.gif (898 bytes)  Graphic Training Aids (GTA) - Serves as DA executive agent for the
    development, production, and distribution of GTAs worldwide.

     green arrow (887 bytes)    Performs development, production, inventory, and distribution
             management functions.
     green arrow (887 bytes)    Performs customer service functions.
     green arrow (887 bytes)    Provides quarterly updates to EM00001, Army Electronic Library.
     green arrow (887 bytes)    Provides support for GTA digitization initiatives.
     green arrow (887 bytes)    Distributes GTAs to Training Support Centers and other customers.

grnbll.gif (898 bytes)  Printing Material - Executes production and inventory management control
    for the following programs, to include initial print, reprint and distribution:
    ACCP, Common Core, Staff and Faculty, IET Soldier's Handbook, CGSC/CAS3 and RC/TATS.

     green arrow (887 bytes)    Performs customer service functions.      

For more information contact TMST at Commercial (757)878-4585 or DSN 826-4585.

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