9 Mar 09


This document is available as a Word document at <http://www/>


This document defines the minimum computer configuration required to play distance learning (dL) courseware.  This baseline is intended to be compatible with Classroom XXI Student Workstation Configuration and the Digital Training Facility (DTF) Student Workstation (SW) Configuration.  Unique configuration features of the DTF Student Workstation Configuration can be found at <>


The Classroom XXI Student Workstation Configuration and the DTF Student Workstation Configuration represent hardware and software configurations required to display “Legacy”, “Commercial-Off-the-Shelf,” and future courseware.  This document focuses on the computer configuration required to play courseware developed under the Distributed Learning Education and Training Products (DLETP) Contract. Refer to the dLETP Contract and its supporting documents and standards for specific Courseware development requirements. 




1.1.  CPU - Pentium IV or equivalent, 1.5GHz or higher speed


1.2.  Random Access Memory (RAM) - 512Mb or greater


1.3.  Sound Card - Sound Blaster compatible audio card to include:


1.3.1.  General MIDI

1.3.2.  16 MIDI Channels

1.3.3.  Max. Recording Depth 16-bit

1.3.4.  Max. Recording Rate 44.1kHz

1.3.5.  Max. Playback Depth 16-bit

1.3.6.  Max. Playback Rate 44.1kHz

1.3.7.  MIDI/Joystick Port

1.3.8.  Will play only one audio file at a time


1.4.  Graphics/Media standards.  See dLETP Contract, Army Golden Master Program and Digital Training Facility (DTF) Student Workstation (SW) Configuration for additional specific graphics/media standards.


1.4.1.  Must support a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels (XGA).  Compliant computers may not correctly present courseware designed for resolutions higher than 1024 x 768.

1.4.2.  GIF      Graphics Interchange Format

1.4.3.  JPEG  Joint Photographic Experts Group

1.4.4.  RTSP  Real Time Streaming Protocol

1.4.5.  VRML  or WML Virtual Reality Modeling Language

1.4.6   PDF    Portable Document Format

1.4.7   DIR     Shockwave File Format

1.4.8   SWF   Flash File Format

1.4.9   FLV    Flash Video File

1.4.10  3KO  NGRAIN 3D Knowledge Object File Format


1.5.  Hard Drive - 1 Gbyte free storage area


1.6.  At least one portable data storage device – (3.5”, 1.44Mb floppy drive or USB data storage device)


1.7.  Optimize Courseware for Broadband of 128kB/s


1.8.  CD-ROM Drive - quadruple-speed (4X) or faster with maximum access time of 250ms



2.  OPERATING SYSTEMS - Windows XP or Windows Vista including the latest service packs and security patches available.


2.1.  CD-ROM Browser Support Software (media players/plug-ins): Software supported by a full customization of Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE).  Refer to the Browser and Plug-In Information and License Agreements web site at for latest license agreements of IE, plug-ins, and players.



3.  INTERNET WEB BROWSER - Microsoft Internet Explorer with 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.  Refer to the Army Golden Master Program web site for latest version of IE. 


3.1.  Default Browser should include the following security configuration:


3.1.1.  Download signed ActiveX controls - “enabled”

3.1.2.  Download unsigned Active X controls - “disabled”

3.1.3.  Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins - “enabled”

3.1.4.  Allow Cookies - “enabled”

3.1.5.  Allow per-session Cookies - “enabled”

3.1.6.  Active scripting - “enabled”

3.1.7.  Scripting of Java applets - “enabled”