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Individual Training Support Directorate

Common Task Test (CTT)

Common Task Test STP 21-1, SMCT, SL1 STP 21-24-SMCT, SL2-4

The Common Task Test (CTT) is developed annually to promote hands-on training and evaluation of critical battlefield survival skills appropriate to a soldier's rank. Common tasks are trained and evaluated using the two Soldier's Manuals of Common Tasks (STP21-1-SMCT, Skill Level (SL) 1, and STP 21-24 -SMCT, (SL 2-4).

Each year, 18 critical common tasks are selected for CTT evaluation based on direct input provided by the Unified Combatant Commands (UCC), major Army commands (MACOM), the Reserve Components, combat training centers (CTC), and the Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL). Tasks chosen for CTT testing are evaluated only by the hands-on mode. If a unit is unable to test soldiers on a specific CTT task due to unavailability of required material, commanders will select a replacement task from one of the SMCTs. This benefits commanders in that they may better align the CTT with their mission essential task list. A commander in the rank of lieutenant colonel or above must approve use of a replacement task. Detailed guidance is provided in AR 350-41 and the Manual for the Administration of the CTT published annually. The US Army Training Support Center, Individual Training Support Directorate (DLD) is the program manager for the CTT. DLD is responsible for obtaining CTT nominations from field agencies to support HQ TRADOC approval of the annual task list and publication of CTT notices and administration manuals. All materials and instructions needed to administer the CTT is located on the General Dennis J. Reimer Training and Doctrine Digital Library.

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