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Theater-Specific Individual Requirement Training Course
Training Materials

These lessons are designed as self-paced instruction and should all be completed before you arrive at the CONUS Replacement Center.  Some are packaged instruction and some are PowerPoint slide presentations.  The slide presentations have the instructor notes imbedded with the sides.  You must save the briefings to another drive or storage device to access the note material, as they will not appear when viewed with a browser. Open the saved briefing file in PowerPoint and on the Menu Bar select “View” and then “Note Pages” to see the notes for each slide.

When you finish each module, you will get access to a certificate of completion.  Some of the certificates are generated by that course while others are linked from the end of the course.  You must print out the certificate associated with each course to receive credit, as it is confirmation that you had taken that module. Sign and keep all of the certificates and present them to your Commander or Training NCO once you arrive at the CONUS Replacement Center.

You should begin by reviewing the system requirements lesson below. Ensure that you have all the required programs loaded and active on your computer before you begin. You must allow blocked content (i.e., turn off Pop-Up Blockers within your browser) on your computer to take these lessons.

If you encounter any problems, go to the Army Training Help Desk using the Help link at the top of this page.  Type in TSIRT in the search box to access FAQs.  If you cannot solve your problem with the information in the FAQs, email the Help Desk using that feature on the site.

Click to view System Requirements

Cultural Awareness — Iraq
Iraq Overview
Lesson Plan Iraq Overview

Iraq Tribalism

Cultural Awareness — Afghanistan
Afghanistan Country Study
Lesson Plan Afghanistan Country Study
Tribalism in Afghanistan
The Afghanistan Threat

General Orders
Suicide Prevention

Army Values
Core Army Values/Soldier's Creed Card

Fraternization Policy
Extract AR 600-20

Security and Privacy Notice

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